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APSN provides breaking news notifications to nearly every major news agency in Arizona. 

At APSN, we will not waste your time with routine events that have no news value. We send only what you want to know, not a bunch of meaningless updates. Our reporters are of the highest, most professional caliber and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are constantly growing and strive to bring you the latest in technology and accurate information.

Founded in 2003, Arizona Public Safety News Network is the Premier Emergency Notification Network in Arizona. Notifications can be delivered to any email or mobile device capable of receiving electronic messages. All notifications are delivered in real time. APSN monitors radio traffic and works closely with Public Information Officers across the state to bring you news that you want as it is happening. 

In addition to providing breaking news alerts, APSN provides photo and video service for breaking news, sporting events, concerts, and various other special venues. Rates for photo and video services vary depending on location and nature of assignment.

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